Tuesday, December 8, 2009

OCD Tendecies (Vol 4) - Instant Scratchies.

So, I may have mentioned before that as the years pass and I miraculously manage to keep my sanity (*cough*crazylady*cough*), I notice more and more obsessive compulsive behaviour. No. 4 on the list involves Instant Scratchies.

Or more specifically, scratching between the lines.  

Even if I don't win anything, I go back over it to make it neat. I hate messy scratchers (not a euphamism!).

I buy the ticket (I like the elaborate ones, makes it worth the few dollars you just spent), find a seat (this is serious business), get out a 5c coin (for precision scratching) and get to work. The day I get a maginifying glass to do this job, I will know I have taken it too far*.  

I know they are often a waste of money and that you hardly win more than a free ticket, but when you do, it makes it all the more worth it! It is like you earned the win. Maybe I should experiment... the neater you are with scratching the coating off, the more you win**... (what was that I mentioned about being sane?)

* Note to self: Buy magnifying glass.

** Sure, the pic above is not of the neatest one I have done, and you may notice it was not a winning card. See, proves my theory correct so far!