Tuesday, April 28, 2009


And so, I failed my goal of no new shoes before New Zealand...

Yep, I bought a pair of shoes online (again).... these ones are flats though, so they don't really count!

They were on sale... Well, we are having a financial crisis, so this was a good move!

And, I needed these ones to match a cardigan that I bought and have yet to wear - as I did not have shoes to match. Well, now I do and I plan on wearing both tomorrow :-)

Ok, ok... I will not buy anymore shoes before NZ. Seriously.


Sunday, April 26, 2009


Why yes, yes I am. Some kids, two houses away are having a party. This story will relate shortly.

They say you should forgive and forget. Well, I can do one of those 'sort of' and the other 'Buckley's'. I may forgive but I will, most likely, not forget. Or vice versa. Either way, I have been known to hold a grudge.

Let me take you back 4 years (lie) to my 21st. We had a party at home. It was fancy dress. A handful of you may have been there. So, there we were, drinking, dancing, mucking around on the wrestling mat.... I was a fan of WWE wrestling... what, wrestling is real! (lie). Anyways, there we were minding our own business and we get a noise complaint at 11:30pm. Thanks, a-hole.

OK, fine. we may have been a tad loud (unlikely) but we gave you plenty of warning. But, ever since then, some kids who live in the cul-de-sac (hehehe, sac) near me have parties all the time, with no noise complaints, even though they are really loud and they often go til late (it is a Sunday, give it a rest!!). It is unfair and I am not happy.

So, I hold a grudge. Big deal. 4 years on (lie) and I will never forget that someone canned my 21st - yet these buggers get to party all night and no-one complains!


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I ♥ My Friends

Today was a great day!!

I took an RDO (Random Day Off), as did a couple of friends, to celebrate the release of the Twilight DVD in Oz... and it was worth it! While we would have included some of the deleted/extended scenes, we still can't get enough of this movie!

The commentary was pretty funny (apart from Hardwick constantly wanting to get into Rob's pants... they belong to me, thank you very much), and it resulted in me gaining a new favourite word: Bouffant [Best pronounced with a silent t and an English accent.]

Long story short, I ♥ my friends with whom I can admit obsession with Twilight, R Pattz, J Rathbizzle and KLutz, mention a potential girl-crush on N Reed and talk about characters on Twitter as if they are real.

So, to my biatches, love you long time! Thanks for letting me be 26 again (and again...).

Monday, April 20, 2009

OCD Tendencies (Vol 1) - Pegs

As I am getting older (but miraculously manage to keep my youthful looks....*smirk*), I notice more and more obsessive compulsive behaviour. Probably the most advanced OC behaviour involves Pegs.

Rules for Peg Usage:
  • Must use an even number of pegs - I will stick an extra peg onto some washing, or make items share pegs if necessary.
  • Peg material must be matching (plastic pairs and wood pairs)
  • Peg colour must be matching
  • Level of fade must be matching - even wood pegs must be matching in fade
  • If a peg is slightly damaged, a matching peg at the same level of damage must be used
  • There are specific pegs for specific items (e.g. towels and sheets have the big chunky pegs (my favourites!), clothing has wood pegs, etc)
  • If I put washing out after someone else has, I will change their pegs so they meet the above requirements

One ticket to Crazy Town, please!

Friday, April 17, 2009


My new shoes arrived today!!! Can't wait to wear them on a night out with the girls :-)

I love them so. They are my new favourite shoes!

ATM Machine Machines*

I love it how people, when using an ATM and are informed they have insufficient funds, proceed to stare in an accusatory way at the machine. Like, "What did you do with all my money?!? I am sure I had money left after several rounds at the pub, a pit stop at 7 Eleven and a cab ride home....".

I was at the fantastic Macquarie Centre today (that one's for you Mez!) and was in line for the ATM. A lady in front of me did this. And when she stepped away, receipt in hand, she turned and looked at the machine again (clearly in case it was running away with her money clenched in its fist).

These poor machines cop a lot of crap from people. The evil stares, punching the keypad when angry at lack of dollars, being blown up by thieves and dragged away... Poor things! No wonder they steal your money.

* I say it that way because when people say "I need an ATM machine" people respond "Derrr, you are saying automatic teller machine machine". So that is now what I say.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

I Am Not Allowed To Buy Anymore Shoes...

.... Until New Zealand that is! Which is approximately 63 (long and torturous) days away. I don't know if I can cope with that.

So it is lucky that I ordered some online earlier this week! They will be the last pair, for now. And I need these ones as they match a headband I bought recently.

Okay, okay. I may have a slight shoe addiction. It isn't that bad.... everyone has over 100 shoes, don't they?