Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I am being stalked by the Easter Bunny.

Ok, so that title may not be 100% true... But I am being stalked by a bunny rabbit on campus at work!! Look, I have photographic evidence..

There he is, on the path behind me on the way to my office:

'Innocently'  poised on a grassy knoll (yes, I checked.. no rifle):

Casually pretending to be waiting for a bus at my bus stop:

And then, I got the office this morning... and found these on my desk!!

See... The evidence is all the in the Easter eggs! And, I just figured out how it got in... my office keys went "missing" late last week... hmmmm.

Ok, sure. I understand if you don't believe me.. but check out this picture and tell me someone isn't spying on me with a robot bunny that has part-camera and part-laser eyes...

Maybe I need to hire a security guard. Or maybe the lack of decent sleep for the past few weeks is making me a little bit cuckoo.  Yeah, that must be it.

Can you get restraining orders placed on animals?

Friday, February 19, 2010


And so, when Mikey's away, Tiz will play!  With jigsaw puzzles that is.

I know... bet you didn't think I was that wild and crazy.  But I am.

And so, the epic challenge of the 3D Sydney Opera House jigsaw puzzle was undertaken...

They say Rome wasn't built in a day..  and neither was this puzzle...

It was a slightly painful process of putting together pieces that were pretty much all grey for the sails!

The puzzle came with this extra piece... I wasn't sure where that was supposed to go...

Ahhh, ok. Obviously he was the foreman for construction. He forgot his hard hat though... Lucky we weren't that concerned with OH&S on this job (which is good as I may or may not have been drinking on the job... shhh!).


My work here is done.

See, just like the real thing!!


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Old Blighty.

One day, Tiz and Mikey randomly met on Twitter... To cut a long story* short, I will be going to England in a few months!! So, in preparation for trying to understand the Poms, the rest of this post will be written in English. Or something like that..

A few chaps may think I am barmy for going, but sod 'em. I think it is a smashing idea and I can't wait to say cheerio and all right to Mikey's friends and the Twitter peeps.  It will be jolly good to be over there!  Will have to have a kip or two on the plane and will be knackered after the flight, but it would be pants not to go (and I can save a few quid on duty free plonk!). 

To say I am not excited would be telling a porky pie!  I have been before so I won't have to do too much of that naff tourist malarky, but it will be brilliant to see what's occuring in London and surrounds these days.  Might even have bangers and mash this time! 

I don't mind cool weather, so hopefully it isn't that cold that I need to say cor blimey everyday, or that rainy that I need wellies.  I am just looking forward to having a cracking time with Mikey and I am well chuffed that he wants me to go and stay with him :-)

Enough faffing around - I only have 2 months to plan what to pack.. Bollocks!! I do know that I will be taking my straw glasses so I can get well trolleyed with Mikey and the geezers over there!


* A slightly longer version of the story is that we randomly met on Twitter and after a few months fell in love.  Mikey came to Australia for 5 months and due to the crappy Australian Visa process (bunch of twats!) recently had to go back to England.  So I will be going over in April some time for a few months to get away from Sydney's humidity (just kidding! To be with Mikey) until his Visa can be arranged. As a bonus, I can avoid a birthday and stay the same age. Again.  But that is another story I am sure you have all heard before.  Anyway, I ♥ Mikey.