Friday, February 19, 2010


And so, when Mikey's away, Tiz will play!  With jigsaw puzzles that is.

I know... bet you didn't think I was that wild and crazy.  But I am.

And so, the epic challenge of the 3D Sydney Opera House jigsaw puzzle was undertaken...

They say Rome wasn't built in a day..  and neither was this puzzle...

It was a slightly painful process of putting together pieces that were pretty much all grey for the sails!

The puzzle came with this extra piece... I wasn't sure where that was supposed to go...

Ahhh, ok. Obviously he was the foreman for construction. He forgot his hard hat though... Lucky we weren't that concerned with OH&S on this job (which is good as I may or may not have been drinking on the job... shhh!).


My work here is done.

See, just like the real thing!!


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