Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I am being stalked by the Easter Bunny.

Ok, so that title may not be 100% true... But I am being stalked by a bunny rabbit on campus at work!! Look, I have photographic evidence..

There he is, on the path behind me on the way to my office:

'Innocently'  poised on a grassy knoll (yes, I checked.. no rifle):

Casually pretending to be waiting for a bus at my bus stop:

And then, I got the office this morning... and found these on my desk!!

See... The evidence is all the in the Easter eggs! And, I just figured out how it got in... my office keys went "missing" late last week... hmmmm.

Ok, sure. I understand if you don't believe me.. but check out this picture and tell me someone isn't spying on me with a robot bunny that has part-camera and part-laser eyes...

Maybe I need to hire a security guard. Or maybe the lack of decent sleep for the past few weeks is making me a little bit cuckoo.  Yeah, that must be it.

Can you get restraining orders placed on animals?

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